Do You Need Managed IT Support?

Do You Need Managed IT Support

Rapid developments in business IT systems generally herald greater efficiencies and increased productivity. Unfortunately, some small businesses aren’t able to take advantage of these changes simply because they’re shoulder to the wheel all day. Indeed, for most SMB owners, keeping customers happy and general operations running smoothly is more than a full-time occupation.  Moreover, having limited IT resources can result in system vulnerabilities such as data breaches, viruses or hacking. Therefore, for many businesses, managed IT support is the solution.

What Are Managed Services?

Managed services of all kinds are on the rise. In fact, the managed-services business model is dominating small, medium and large businesses. So, is it time for your business to make a change? Let’s have a look at the fundamentals. The term ‘managed services’ refers to the practice of out-sourcing business services such as administration and management responsibilities to a third party. Managed IT support is centred around the maintenance and management of IT systems.  Demand for this kind of service is strong and increasing. The main reason is that businesses want to remain competitive and to be at the cutting-edge. Consequently, this means being able to take advantage of the latest tech without becoming over-extended.

The Benefits of Managed IT Support

Utilising managed IT support means levelling the playing field. In other words, small and medium-sized businesses can operate at the level of much larger, better-resourced companies. Here are a few more key benefits:

Enhanced Security and Compliance. Make no mistake, businesses in Australia are under attack from cybercriminals. And, with so many platforms to secure – tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktops – keeping your data safe is a real challenge. In addition, running a business in a compliant manner is paramount, particularly for legal and medical firms.
Reliable and Efficient IT Operations. A collaborative partnership with an IT support provider creates an efficient and reliable IT system. The system will always be updated, secure and provide maximum uptime.
A Proactive Approach. Managed support means 24/7 monitoring and maintenance. As a result, businesses no longer have to stress about network updates, outages or upgrades.

Ultimately, to gain the most benefit from managed IT support, look for the company that seeks to prevent issues rather than repair them.

If you’d like to explore your managed IT options, chat with our friendly team at Advanced Technology today.

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