IT Support

We Provide Premium IT Support

You can rely on Advanced Technology to provide personalised service as we fix your computer problems!

Here is our simple process…

  1. Contact us on ph: (02) 6699 3388 with any computer problem your business has as they occur.
  2. One of our friendly, expert technicians will assess the severity of the problem and determine a course of action to get the issue fixed asap. We understand the implications of “down-time” to your business.
  3. Depending on the nature and severity of the problem, our technician will either fix it remotely or make arrangements to attend to the matter at your workplace at the earliest possible time. We pride ourselves on personalised service and try to resolve the issue with clear communication and a minimum of fuss!
  4. To ensure that the problem doesn’t occur again, we determine the source of the issue and make any adjustments or recommendations in a proactive manner. Our passion is ensuring the ongoing reliability, security and integrity of your business technology and computer systems.
  5. Our technician provides any necessary training to reduce the chances of the same problem occurring again in future.

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