Data Breaches are a Question of When Not If

Data Breaches are a Question of When Not If

No, data breaches are not magical trousers that hold information. Although, when you look at some people’s pants, they could certainly tell a story! No, in fact, the dreaded data breach is usually the result of a cyber-attack – a chunk of malicious code that’s injected into your computer network and causes havoc. This havoc could involve any number of frightening consequences. Anything from a complete system shutdown, to lost data, exposed customer information or even a total lock-out with a pricey ransom demand.

Australian businesses suffer thousands of data breaches every year

It’s usually only the big boys that receive media attention. Even so, there’s plenty of data breaches in the news every year. Bunnings, Australia Post, Kathmandu, Toyota Australia and various Australian government agencies, to name a few, have all been victims of major data breaches. With this in mind, and considering the IT security budgets these giant organisations have, just how vulnerable are small businesses? Well, very.

So, how much does a decent data security plan cost?

‘’Ah, well mate, she’s not gunna be cheap’’ (Sucks in air through clenched teeth whilst slowly shaking head) No. Wait! That’s the dodgy car mechanic I spoke to on the weekend. In reality, to set up an effective data security system and a plan of action (should the worst happen) is relatively low-cost but high comfort. The grim truth is, if you’re a small business, then cyber-criminals are going to attack. In fact, last year, an incredible 71% of small to medium size businesses were the victims of at least 1 cyber-attack.

Prevention is Better than Cure or Get Woke or Go Broke

Data breaches are frequent and indiscriminate. Clearly, as a responsible business, you must protect against them. If you don’t have the in-house IT expertise then it’s time to call in the experts. Remember, cyber-attacks are an ever-evolving threat and therefore you need IT people that are working with these threats on a daily basis.

Call Advanced Technology today and explore how you can prevent being another data breach victim.

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