Is it Time For a Dedicated Server?

Is it Time For a Dedicated Server

Are you at the point in your business journey where you need to ramp up your IT facilities? Have your business needs grown? You’re likely pondering if a dedicated server is necessary. Following strong growth with added employees, you may have found sharing files via USB sticks for backups or making software changes not that straightforward anymore. A growing business requires streamlined processes and efficient backup plans. So, let’s delve into the clues that suggest you may need a dedicated server.

Centralising Processes with a Business Server

Attempting to maintain uniformity across countless computers becomes an uphill battle as the workforce expands. What used to be simple tasks now consume more time. Let’s be honest, who can afford to lose precious time? In contrast, a dedicated server can facilitate the management of routine tasks.

Consider this: all computers will receive necessary updates without a hitch. Plus, these updates can be automatically rolled out according to the user’s convenience. This covers aspects such as network security, antivirus, and software updates. Perhaps the cherry on the top is the centralisation of file sharing – a unified database for all shared resources. Not only does this ensure everyone is on the same page, but it also alleviates the frustration of working on outdated documents.

Benefits of Swift File Access

A server for small businesses allows for substantial, high-bandwidth services such as databases, POS, and video. Consequently, a dedicated server may offer more speed and stability than some cloud-based systems. Furthermore, the positive implications also extend to your budget; you will not be hit with any forms of data and access charges associated with cloud usage.

When dealing with high-resolution video content, a server is indeed an asset. For instance, manoeuvring 4K videos via the cloud can be challenging. Furthermore, the convenience of a dedicated server is the ability to augment the CPU, RAM, and graphic cards based on the ever-increasing file size needs.

A Smoother Backup Plan

Admit it; even the best amongst us accidentally miss creating backups. And let’s not talk about the anxiety when a PC crashes, losing vital, time-critical data. With a dedicated business server, this worry becomes a thing of the past. You’ll have automatic backups periodically, thus saving you from potential data loss disasters and unproductive downtime.

It’s Time For Server Benefits

In essence, a dedicated server has benefits that are hard to ignore. They provide streamlined processes, increased speed and stability, and a robust backup plan. So, it could be the perfect time to invest in one, especially if your business is on the path of steady growth.

Chat with the Business Server experts at Advanced Technology today! We will explore your many options, including Cloud backup.

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