Time to Upgrade Your Business Phone System?

Time to Upgrade Your Business Phone System

It’s an age of fierce competition. Efficient communication is key. Clever businesses understand this. It’s time to upgrade your business phone system, and there are various factors you need to consider. Here, let’s look at six key points you should think about before making the switch.

1. Ensuring Effective Call Handling:

The latest phone system does much more than just connect calls. Can yours display different calls, transfer them, and even handle three-way or conference calls? If not, it’s time to upgrade. Modern systems are also equipped with automated attendants for after-hours, ensuring no call goes unnoticed.

2. Phone System – Accessibility and Mobility:

With an ever-changing workforce, accessibility matters. With VoIP systems, your employees can stay connected wherever they are. Moreover, they can make and receive calls via their laptops, tablets, and mobiles. The result is better communication and improved productivity.

3. Phone System Speedy Response Times:

Quick response times can fully change the way your team communicates. A new phone system can pack more punch. For instance, it can route a single number across numerous devices. This results in seamless and timely responses, keeping your customers happy and engaged.

4. Better Internal Communications:

Smooth internal communications are crucial. That said, new phone systems can be combined with a CRM or other management tools. This powerful combination can notably improve sales turnaround times and allow better sharing of sales opportunities. Paging and intercom facilities are also a blessing for quick communication.

5. Phone System Data for Analytics:

Let’s talk about data. Many systems now offer analytics tools. These tools can aid your service improvement efforts and enhance sales performance. Essentially, if you’re not tracking and improving, you’re falling behind.

6. Control and Customisation:

Lastly, ensure your chosen system is customisable and controllable. The right VoIP system for small businesses is one that can effortlessly run on a single server. Its simplicity allows for nifty customisations, letting you change things to best suit the evolving needs of your business.

Chat with us today at Advanced Technology for tailored advice on the best business phone systems for your needs.

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