The 3 Top Reasons for Losing Data

The 3 Top Reasons for Data Loss

IT is an undeniable fact of modern life. Yet, as much as it can be a lifesaver, it can also be the culprit behind some unthinkable disasters, such as losing data. You know, that gut-wrenching moment when months of work or precious memories seem to vanish into thin air? Yeah, that one! But what exactly causes such data losses? Today, we will dig into the top three reasons why.

1. Human Error

Shockingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, human error is the leading cause of data loss. Accidental deletions often occur when we miskey or mistakenly press ‘delete.’ It’s a simple mistake to make, but sometimes, the fallout is far from simple!

Equally, improper shutdowns fall into this category. Often, we’re in such a rush that we don’t take the time to shut down our devices properly, which frequently leads to a loss of data. Regularly closing your apps and powering down your device can significantly reduce this issue.

2. Losing Data – Malware and Viruses

Next up on our list is the very real threat of malware and viruses. These pesky invaders sneak into our systems and cause mayhem. They can wipe out essential files, corrupt data, or even take control of your device.

Malware and viruses usually sneak in through sketchy downloads or suspicious emails. Hence, always be vigilant about what you download and click on. Regular updates and strong anti-virus software are your best defences.

3. Losing Data – Hardware or System Malfunctions

Another common reason for data loss is a system or hardware failure. Like all physical objects, computer components can fail. Unfortunately, data loss often happens with little to no warning.

Similarly, system crashes can also lead to lost data. Sometimes, these may occur due to an underlying hardware issue, but other times, they result from a software conflict or an error in the programming.

To guard against these unpredictable events, try to stay on top of maintenance and updates and maintain a strong backup habit. Backing up your data regularly can save you a world of stress and heartache should the worst happen.

Talk to our friendly experts at Advanced Technology today if you’re concerned about data loss or need data recovery.

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