Be Wary of IT Support Scams

Be Wary of IT Support Scams

Picture this: you’re at work, and suddenly, a phone call or a pop-up message claims your computer is under threat. These alarms could be from scammers posing as tech support from recognized companies like Microsoft or Apple. Interestingly, they have a common script. They’ll say they’ve detected viruses or other issues on your machine. But, in reality, they are after two things: your money and access to your computer. So, how do you spot an IT support scam?

IT Support Scam Pattern

Scammers are quite crafty. They use alarming messages, set up fake websites, and may even call you to push their false narratives. Once they’ve got your attention, they’ll throw around technical jargon, deceive you with sham files showing so-called ‘problems’, or offer fake security scans. The goal is to trick you into believing your computer has serious issues.

Furthermore, the IT support scam evolves. They might:

  • Pose as employees from well-known tech companies,
  • Insist on remote access to your computer, compromising its security,
  • Push you to install malware, which can steal sensitive data,
  • Attempt to hawk unnecessary, often free software,
  • Guide you to suspicious websites asking for your personal details,
  • Convince you to enrol in useless maintenance programs.

Counter the IT Support Scam

First and foremost, if you receive unexpected tech support calls, hang up. Don’t be fooled by caller ID; scammers can fake local numbers. If pop-ups urge you to call a number for tech support, ignore them. Remember, genuine alerts from your actual security software will not ask for this.

Never allow remote access to your computer unless you are 100 per cent sure of the individual’s identity. And safeguard your passwords. If there are genuine issues with your computer, it’s safer to contact reputable companies like Advanced Technology in Coffs Harbour directly.

Have You Been Scammed?

If, unfortunately, you’ve been tricked, there are steps to make things right. Reputable tech support can cleanse your system of malware and bolster its defences with proper security software. If scammers have your passwords, change them without delay.

For those who have made payments, reach out to your credit card company to dispute the charges. Vigilance is key; monitor your transactions for any odd activity.

Beware of the ‘Refund’ Trick

Sometimes, a new scam follows the first. A caller might offer a refund for tech support services you’ve paid for. It’s a trap. They’ll ask for your credit card details to ‘process the refund’ and steal from you instead. Should you encounter this, it’s best to report it at

Stay Protected

Staying one step ahead of scammers is crucial. Arm yourself with information and scepticism. And, when it comes to tech support, partner with trustworthy firms. Advanced Technology is a reliable choice for NSW business customers seeking genuine tech support. They offer the expertise to keep your systems scam-free. Remember, stay informed, stay sceptical, and stay secure.

Contact our friendly team at Advanced Technology today and discuss how to stay safe with expert, reliable IT support.

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