Improve your IT Security by Using Password Basics

Improve your IT Security Through Better Password Protection

Imagine your employees being careless with passwords or your IT security policy, all of your costly security measures would end up virtually useless. There are plenty of ways your data can be breached some as simple as clicking on a link or opening an email, visiting an infected website or through social engineering. Today, we want to focus on the common loophole of password security.

7 Practical IT Security Tips

Here are a few basic practices that you and your employees can follow to help with your IT security.

  • Try not to use previously used passwords.
  • Have your accounts lock after a certain number of failed attempts of logging in.
  • Change passwords on a regular basis (every 30-90 days).
  • Implement password requirements. Make sure your password contains a mix of numbers, upper and lowercase letters and even symbols.
  • Urge your employees not to use any personal data that could be known or stolen by someone, such as telephone numbers, addresses, birthdays or anniversaries, and don’t use standard dictionary words that may be easily guessed.
  • Make a point that employees are not to use co-workers’ login details.
  • Don’t leave systems open. Remember to log-out and log back in.

For improved IT security, you may choose to use specialised software like LastPass to manage your passwords. This allows you to use a variety of highly secure passwords for all your individual logins without having to remember them all. The benefits of using different credentials for different sites is that in the event of a data breach, the exposed user details don’t give hackers access to other online services. This could easily occur if using the same password multiple times on various websites. Additionally, a password manager will enable you to add and remove users, instantly block access and control who has access to which login.

Following these few basic tips could make a significant difference when it comes to keeping your company’s sensitive data safe.

For any information or assistance in improving your IT security get in touch with us at Advanced Technology.

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