Email Protection – Regain Control Over Your Inbox

Email Protection - Regain Control Over Your Inbox

How Much Do Spam Emails Cost Your Company?

As a business owner, checking emails, responding to leads and corresponding with your employees and customers usually takes up a fair amount of time of your average workday. One major fault in email communication is the prevalence of unwanted spam. If your company is only working with minimal email protection, you’re more than likely wasting time and money.

If you are a small to medium-sized business, you shouldn’t have to experience spam complications on a regular basis. Advanced Technology’s business-grade email solutions are designed to help you filter and eliminate spam before it reaches your inbox. By initiating an email protection strategy, you and your employees will no longer need to work through piles of useless messages and can just get down to business.

Reduce Unnecessary Costs

Spam is a significant issue for companies who don’t have adequate email protection. Research shows that over 50% of all emails sent are spam and another study shows that a substantial amount of money is lost every year due to time wasted on dealing with the issue. It is evident that over time cost and lost productivity adds up.

By integrating a proper email protection measures, you will keep employees from being overwhelmed with spam emails; this will improve efficiency and the provide the opportunity to make much better use of the available working hours.

Minimise IT Security Risks

Emails can potentially transport threats like viruses, spyware and malware. If a spam message that is disguised as a genuine message is accidentally opened, it could have widespread repercussions on your entire IT infrastructure and can be a significant risk to your company’s cybersecurity. Therefore, eliminating the potential threat before something gets past your defences is crucial.

Advanced Technology’s spam protection has intelligent, pre-designed filters that keep suspicious emails from entering your business network.

To ensure that no important email is missed, anything that has been blocked is quarantined and available to review.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Most of the emails received by your business are likely to be spam. Sifting through unwanted emails is a massive waste of your employees’ time which could be spent on profitable endeavours. Eliminating spam gives your company a chance to improve workflows and increase overall productivity.

Advanced Technology’s email protection solutions are designed to keep spam emails to an absolute minimum to help your staff stop wasting time and better manage their incoming emails.

If your business is battling spam, ask our experienced team at Advanced Technology about business-grade email solutions.

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