How to Boost Your Relationship with your Coffs Harbour IT Company

How to Boost Your Relationship with your Coffs Harbour IT Company

Advanced Technology, your Coffs Harbour IT company, likes to fix things and find efficient ways to solve problems. Whether it’s something simple like additional storage or a bigger job like a complete system upgrade, we are here to help!

Explain Why You Do What You Do

No one knows your business like you do. Tell us about your company, its purpose, and its everyday activities. Take our IT service team through your internal and external processes, each department and each day-to-day function. Tell us how you share, store and access data. When we have a good grasp of your business, we can provide our best work.

Be Aware of the Lastest and Greatest

Often people can get caught up in a potential solution and can’t see a better one. Your local Coffs Harbour IT company, Advanced Technology, can explain the latest technology and can help to make an informed decision by outlining the advantages and disadvantages these technologies entail.

Communicate what you would like to implement and achieve with your business, and we can provide you with comprehensive and cost-effective solutions.

Review Future Plans in Advance

Keep your IT service provider informed of any upcoming changes to your business, even if the plans are a few years away. A “big picture” view can enable better decisions on hardware purchases, licences and warranty coverage. This is crucial if you plan on adding staff, moving office or opening new locations. In a situation like this, your solutions should be robust and scalable.

Discuss You Current Business Challenges

You may have staff members that need special security requirements and possibly some who need remote access capabilities. You might be considering allowing some of your employees to work from home or you might even have staff in different time zones. If your Coffs Harbour IT company is aware of all of these staff variations, they will be able to provide you with sound solutions to help keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Alert Issues in Real Time to your Coffs Harbour IT Company

It can best troubleshoot issues straight away, and you can get results faster while the issues are happening by using diagnostic tools on the spot. Don’t save up a heap of requests and send them all through at once or wait until you have an onsite appointment. Communicating these requests and problems quickly can be key, whether it be by sending through screenshots of error messages or using another agreed upon method.

The Result: A Long Lasting Mutually Beneficial Partnership

The right IT provider is an essential part of almost all businesses these days. They keep your staff connected and productive, your management informed and equipped for decision making and your salespeople selling. You can further facilitate this process by treating them like a partner. If they know what you do, how you do it and where you see yourself in the future, your IT service provider will be there with you, anticipating your needs through the entire process.

If you would like to build a great IT relationship, contact us at Advanced Technology and let’s get started!

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