Wi-Fi for Business – 5 Considerations Before Ordering

Wi-Fi for Business - 5 Considerations Before Ordering

Wi-Fi for business seems like a no-brainer. Everybody is offering it right? Certainly, keeping up with customer demands and employee needs are important issues. It’s true to say some customers may choose to visit, and spend money at, one establishment over another simply because they have faster Wi-Fi. To a lesser extent, this is true for businesses. Employees soon become frustrated if they’re forced to work with a slow tethered internet connection. So, what are the best solutions for your business and how to you go about finding them?

1. What will your Wi-Fi for Business be used for?

When thinking about the appropriate wi-fi for business set-up you need, 3 main questions arise. These are, how many connections will there be at any one time? How much bandwidth do you need and, finally, what speed will be required? Answers to these questions are driven by the kind of use being offered. For instance, is the wi-fi for just for checking email and basic web browsing or is it OK to let folks download HD movies?

2. What about Wi-Fi security?

Security considerations for business Wi-Fi are different to a public customer Wi-fi service. After all, a lot of sensitive information will be passing through your business system every day. We’ve all heard the horror stories of hacking, ransomware and data leaks. They’re on the rise in Australia for SMB’s and the cyber-criminals are getting smarter. Therefore, to protect against this threat, you must establish a solid IT security policy and adhere to the protocols.

3. Can your chosen Wi-Fi for business grow with you?

To save money and hassle in the future, make sure your wi-fi setup is scalable. In other words, make it as future-proof as possible. As your business grows and employees and customers increase, you’ll need to add connections and cope with greater bandwidth demands.

4. What equipment will you need?

Think about this carefully, take advise and buy the best you can afford. The reasons are simple. We all know what it’s like to go to a business, perhaps a café, and struggle with the wi-fi. Often, it’s so slow you wonder why they bothered and you think twice about returning. It’s advisable to work with a good IT firm at this point. They know what both customers and employees are looking for and will get it happening for you.

5. What’s your Budget?

Once you’ve established your needs and your objectives, it’s time to think about how much of the folding stuff you want to spend. Deciding on a budget, both initial cost and ongoing, will help you narrow down the options. Again, talk to the IT experts, explore the options and get it done.

Talk to Advanced Technology today and explore your many options for Wi-Fi for Business.


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