What We Think Of Our Clients

Mark’s Promise to You

We will return your call.

We will turn up on time.

We will work within your budget and timeframe.

All our technicians are courteous, polite and avoid speaking geek.

Our Business Policies

The client is the single most important person in this business.

The client is not even slightly dependent on us. We are totally dependent on them.

The client is not an interruption of our work. He or she is the only purpose of it.

The client is not just money. He or she is a human being with thoughts and feelings just as we have. We will treat them in the same manner that we wish to be treated.

Whether a client returns to us is due to the quality of the product and service that we provide to them. If they are happy with us, they will come back.

We do not support one-night stands. We love long term relationships.