What is a Technology Consulting Service Anyway

What is a Technology Consulting Service Anyway?

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We hear the term technology a lot. Expressions such as, ‘This equipment represents the latest technology’, and, ‘Technology can save the planet’ seem to be commonplace. So, before we get into technology consulting services, let’s consider what is ‘technology’? Is it available in cans and can I buy it from the supermarket? Well, let’s have a look.

The Rise of The Machines

The word technology is relatively new. In fact, unheard of just a couple of centuries ago. Before this, we had a much older word, ‘Techne’. Aristotle believed the purpose of techne was to “bring something into existence which has its efficient cause in the maker and not in itself.” In other words, the object, or machine, is a result of human innovation that represents an advancement or improvement. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology founded in1835, demonstrates a contemporary use of the word technology. Modern definitions of technology are many. Essentially, it means, ‘Machinery and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge.’ With this in mind, what then is technology consulting within the Information Technology, or IT, industry?

Why You Need a Technology Consulting Service

Perhaps no other industry experiences technology advancing and changing at the rate of Information Technology. Indeed, both hardware and software components are continually evolving. Only some of these changes will be beneficial to your company. So, this is where a smart technology consulting service can reveal tangible advantages for your business. As such, a technology consultant will comprehensively review your system. This then informs a full cost/benefit analysis. Lastly, a tailored proposal will be produced that targets improvements in day to day efficiency, cost reductions, and provides future-proofing strategies. Essentially, technology consulting brings skill, experience and cutting-edge IT knowledge to your business structure.

Helping Clients to Reach Their Goals

We’ve been helping our clients smash their productivity goals in Coffs Harbour for many years. If you’d like to see how our technology consulting service can bring benefits to your business, contact our friendly team at Advanced Technology today.

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