All You Need to Know About Server Maintenance

All You Need to Know About Server Maintenance

Servers are an integral part of business networks. Of course, servers are essential to the internet too. Take a look at the vast server farms or data centres tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook run. It’s estimated that all the world’s data centres’ total power usage amounts to about 2% of global electricity use. All that humming and heat generation takes a lot of power! In fact, Google’s new datacentre in Arizona will need up to a staggering 4 million gallons of water every day to keep the servers cool. For most businesses, however, these kinds of issues are much smaller and a little more manageable. So, what about server maintenance and what do SMB’s need to know?

What is a Server Anyway?

Put simply; a server is a computing device that’s connected to a network. Its function is to manage the network’s resources. Typically, a server is dedicated. This means it has a specific task. For instance, a print server controls network printing, a file server stores files, and a database server processes data-related queries.

The Basics of Server Maintenance

Most small to medium-size businesses will be running multiple servers. And, although these servers may be different, maintenance strategies remain constant. These include:

  • First, set up a Server Management program to access, run and monitor your maintenance schedule.
  • Secondly, server maintenance involves ongoing continuous monitoring of performance and fault detection.
  • Next, set up. You must be able to set up new software or functionalities.
  • Finally, Planning Capacity. Capacity planning facilitates the prediction of future capacity shortfalls.

What is the Importance of Server Maintenance?

Clearly, server failure quickly results in a broken network. Therefore, server maintenance is a crucial element of any business strategy. Indeed, not only does regular server maintenance result in improved overall business productivity by minimizing system downtime, but it also results in increased server lifespan. Smart maintenance is also about peace of mind. For instance, if the worst should happen and you suffer a server crash, you can rest easy that your servers will appropriately back up your data on a well-maintained system.

Why not talk to us at Advanced Technology today about Server Maintenance support? We can also discuss the pros and cons of migrating your data to a cloud-based server system.

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