We Can Fix IT Systems Remotely

We Can Fix IT Systems Remotely

Remote IT repair of computer systems has become even more beneficial during these strange times. Now, with the threat of infection by COVID-19 everywhere, it’s possible that we can repair your computer system without having to come on-site to your office. Depending on the issue, this could be done over the phone or by connecting directly to your system over the internet.

Obviously, there are limitations to what kind of remote IT repairs we can perform. For instance, if Jeff from accounting has tripped over a bin and chucked his morning double-shot cappuccino over the server rack, then we’ll have to come over. Similarly, if Brenda in Sales has become over-excited and smashed her fist down on her laptop because she’s scored a big order, then again, we’ll have to come out.

How does remote IT repair work?

Firstly, we’ll try to diagnose the issue over phone. We’ll see if it’s something we can quickly repair with your help. It may be as simple as rebooting either the server, the PC or the router. Next, if this doesn’t work, we’ll need to connect directly to your system via the internet. If you’re not a regular customer then we’ll first have to get you to install a simple piece of software. This will allow us access to your computer and enables us to dig deeper and see what’s going on.

This usually a fairly quick process. But, if we’re unable to fix it straight away, we’ll at least know what we need to bring over to get you up and running again.

New Hardware and Upgrades

We can also supply new hardware and can upgrade your existing IT system. Our technicians are all experienced and are up-to-date with the latest, and continuous, technological innovations and advances. Consequently, we’re able to assess your current system and make smart recommendations. We’ll aim to improve your productivity and let you get on with running your business with minimal downtime.

Take advantage of our skilled remote IT repair service and call Advanced Technology today

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