Passwords on Sticky Notes = The Road to Hell?

Passwords on Sticky Notes - The Road to Hell

Most businesses protect their premises against break-ins and theft. This protection might include burglar alarms, CCTV, and strong locks on the doors and windows. It’s an obvious step to take. But what about your online property? Are you giving due consideration to what amounts to be your most valuable asset? After all, a physical break-in, while annoying, usually results in the loss of hardware. A digital break-in, however, is much worse. Hackers can search your most confidential files, steal client information, and even empty bank accounts. Worse still, they could sell your business secrets, leaving a trail of irreparable damage. The impact could end your business. So, let’s explore what you can do to bolster your password security.

Jotting Down Trouble

Alarmingly, many Aussies still lean on traditional methods like sticky notes to remember their passwords. Despite the rise in cybercrime and identity theft, this manual method persists. Remember, an office thief can swipe a sticky note as easily as a laptop, but the password on that note could unlock far more than any physical door.

Password Security – Confronting the Old Habits

Even now, many business owners and employees avoid using password managers. This resistance could be a costly gamble. Cybercrime is on the rise, and businesses that forgo password managers are three times more likely to suffer consequences.

The Path to Stronger Password Security

It’s not all bleak. With the right actions, improving your password security is surprisingly straightforward. As per best practice recommendations, a sturdy password must:

  • Extend beyond 12 characters
  • Not be recycled across accounts
  • Avoid having personal connections
  • Undergo frequent changes

These steps, together with the use of a reliable password manager, will dramatically reduce the risk of being compromised.

Final Words: The Simple Note that Could Cost You Your Business

So, SMBs should look closely at their password security practices. A sticky note under the keyboard is a roadmap for trouble—a sign inviting disaster. The journey from paper to a password manager isn’t just a step towards security. It’s a leap away from the “password hell” that is too easily reached with just a simple mistake. Remember, in the realm of cybersecurity, it’s not the size of the safe but the complexity of the lock that matters.

Contact our security experts at Advanced Technology today to explore better password security protocols and sure your business now.

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