5 Top Tips from an IT Service Provider

5 Top Tips from an IT Service Provider

The relationship between a businesses’ IT and its IT service provider can be problematic. A company may be frustrated that they’re not receiving optimal service levels. On the other hand, IT service providers are equally aware that their clients may not provide the correct information or allow for the most appropriate interventions. So, how do we flatten out the road bumps to achieve a smooth relationship? Let’s have a look at what the IT service providers say.

1. Focus on the users, not the technology

Enterprise IT tends to want to focus on technological solutions to data problems. This is fine as long as they understand what the problem really is. For instance, a ‘tech first’ approach can create more issues for users by introducing more complexity. So, consult with the users first to fully understand the methods and processes they use to access data.

2. The Expert Trap

Businesses need to be cautious about picking suitable services for the whole company and not just selected experts. So, just because you may have a particular individual with skills in a specific programming language, it may not be the best choice across the board.

3. Understand the Problem

Because customers don’t always fully understand their issues, IT service providers can struggle to provide the best solution. This forces solution providers to spend a lot of time understanding the businesses’ IT systems and requirements. Whereas this information could have been available even before the contract began.

4. System Training from Your IT service Provider is an Ongoing Task

Businesses will sometimes engage IT service providers to implement a new service but fail to continue with training. However, things will change over time, new people will be employed, and new features added. Consequently, ongoing training sessions are essential.

5. Appoint a Single Person as Your IT Service Provider Contact.

IT service providers may struggle to communicate if they have multiple IT contacts. Therefore, it’s wise to make someone a single point of contact. This technical liaison can then act to gather the necessary information across all departments and present a clear picture of any issues to the service provider.

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