IT Management Services – What it is and Why it Matters

IT Management Services - What it is and Why it Matters

You’ve got a business to run. It’s time-consuming and requires specialist skills. So why are you spending so much time and energy managing your own IT system? You shouldn’t be weighed down by such horrors as ‘Unknown IP address’, ‘Error 404’, and ‘Printer not Recognised’ gobbledygook. You should be focused on your real business. So, what’s the best way forward for the busy SMB that won’t require huge capital investment or a degree in network infrastructure? Well, the answer my friends is simple. Migrate your IT management to a professional IT firm.

Why Outsource IT Management?

Simply put, IT management services are all about putting the onus onto the IT firm. A good definition might be; Managed IT services is the delivery of IT services by an external provider that combines unlimited, fixed-fee IT support on a monthly flat-fee inclusive of continuous monitoring of IT workstations and infrastructure. Consequently, a good IT contract will create a win-win culture. This is because the IT firm will want to minimise their costs by maximising your system’s up-time. In other words, they will be compelled to be proactive.

The Benefits of External IT Management

  • Alignment of Outcomes – Expect continuous improvement because the IT firm’s KPI’s are linked to your IT systems efficiencies.
  • Peace of Mind – You’re not an IT expert. So, let the professionals run your system, and you focus on your business
  • Proactive Monitoring – Instead of fighting fires, your IT management firm will want to prevent them from igniting.
  • Strategic IT Management – An external IT firm will help you plan for the next 12 or 24 months. Also, upgrades and updates will again be managed for minimum downtime.

Can we fix IT? Yes, we can! Choosing the right Managed IT Services Company

When choosing an IT firm, make sure they meet your requirements. Importantly, make sure they can communicate in plain English what it is they can do for you. Also, remember that if you base your decision purely on cost, you may not find the right fit. Will they be able to improve your IT efficiency and ultimately increase productivity?

Are you thinking of moving to a Managed IT contract? Contact our friendly team at Advanced Technology. We can help you make the transition to the benefits of increased efficiencies, improved productivity, and minimised downtime.
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