The Most Efficient Way to Backup Your Data

Are you still using tape as a primary method to back up your business data? If you do, you might be missing out on an alternative that is more reliable and less time consuming. The optimal way to guarantee the continuity of your organisation’s data infrastructure are image-based (snapshot) backup solutions.

Here’s why:

Let’s start with why tape backups aren’t good enough in today’s business environment. Whilst it has long been standard procedure to store data backups on magnetic tape reels, they have fallen short of today’s expectations when compared to modern data backup practices. Because tape backups are resource-intensive, they need to be performed at the end of the workday to avoid slowing down the network. Additionally, because of their high resource requirement, they can only be taken once. That means that you could potentially lose up to a day’s worth of productivity and accumulated data.


How is Image-Based Backup Different?

Image-based backup is considerably more efficient and much more manageable than traditional tape backup. The method lets your business take a ‘snapshot’ of your organisation’s data. This snapshot is then sent to several locations, either on or off-site, for safe and secure storage. The data that is being recorded are recent changes rather than taking a whole backup like the tape would have done. Because these backup sessions are smaller, they are less resource-intensive and can be performed more frequently during the day – as often as every 15 minutes if you choose to do so.

The greatest advantage of using an image-based backup system is perhaps the fact that it is automatic and relies less on users to be effective. You don’t have to make sure your team manually runs the backups at the end of each day but can set them to run automatically instead. Although you still need to check the backups and make sure that they work properly, the amount of work required is drastically reduced.

Cutting corners when it comes to backup and disaster recovery could easily become a problem down the road for any given business. Already a minor incident like a sudden power outage could lead to major loss of data. There’s a whole number of other common disasters that have the potential to cost your business capital in more ways than just mere loss of data. Things like common hardware failure, flooding, or fires don’t only involve the loss of data but require costly replacement of hardware as well and will damage your IT budget. Added to that is the cost that is caused by the resulting downtime. For many businesses that is a major problem and can absolutely not be ignored.

We Can Help!

At Advanced Technology, we have extensive experience in this area and can equip your business with a backup and disaster solution that is specifically designed to work for your organisation. We will discuss your needs and then implement the backup solution that is right for you. This includes backing up your data to several on- or off-site locations, like a secure data center and in the cloud for rapid data recovery. In the event of disaster, you can restore your backups directly to your Backup Disaster Recovery Device, which can then act as a temporary server until you have worked out the finer details of replacing your hardware.

If you need the ideal solution for your small business to keep your data safe and your operations going, Advanced Technology can help.



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