Digital Detox - A New Holiday Trend

Digital Detox: A New Holiday Trend

Results show that many people prefer digital communication over natural conversation and alarmingly, the true appreciation of surroundings and scenery has begun to elude many online devotees.

A new trend is now emerging that may help to curb our online addictions known as a digital detox holiday.

This holiday trend is defined by a disconnection from not only social media but everything online. Depending on where you are from, these experiences may be referred to as “offline escape retreats”, “blackhole resorts” or “ dead zone holiday options”.

The Concept Of Digital Detox Has Changed

The digital detox experience was first offered as an elite product that mainly targeted the wealthy but now these digital-free holidays appeal to a much broader consumer base.

In the early stages, these holidays were used as a means to escape and de-stress, but now, the emphasis is more about building skills and attributes which will hopefully last beyond the holiday. Couples and families are using these opportunities to engage fully with one another and appreciate that holidays offer more of the world than the screen of your mobile or laptop.

Australia’s Remote Geography Is Ideal

Connectivity in Australia’s remote locations is still challenging and is ideal for digital detox holidays. Being offline will likely lead to the enjoyment of activities such as photography, wildlife viewing, bush walks, night treks and even astrology tourism. But will come secondary to having the chance to immerse yourself fully in conversation and moments of fun and laughter with your loved ones, family or travel companions.

From the team at Advanced Technology, we would like to wish you a wonderful holiday period and hope that you may have the chance for a digital detox this Christmas!

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