What Makes an Outstanding Desktop Support Technician?

What Makes an Outstanding Desktop Support Technician

From time to time most Coffs Coast companies will need some desktop support. Finding the right person for the job is an important step to try and avoid problems, disappointments or delays for your business.

Be thorough when evaluating potential candidates. Here are some attributes to look for when selecting your IT technicians.


During times when every minute counts, you need your technician to know what they are doing. Not all technical troubles will be hugely difficult but finding someone who can do the job without too much of a struggle will be immensely beneficial.

A great desktop support technician needs to know all the details of your software and hardware. Without appropriate knowledge or experience, it can take a substantial amount of time to find the root of a problem. This is important in case your operating systems, network configuration, internet connection or the many applications you use fail.

Conducting strict interviews before selecting someone is the way to go. Test them, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Being able to gauge their problem-solving skills, their troubleshooting abilities and knowing they can handle technical issues effectively will serve your company well.


Having an entry level IT technician can work well in the right circumstance, especially when having them under the guidance of a more experienced technician. However, having a team of seasoned technicians with their accumulated years of experience will make trouble resolution easier and overall response times faster.

It is also a bonus if this person has worked in the same industry and has used similar technology to what you use. Never assume that someone who works in IT knows all there is to know. For example, a programmer won’t necessarily be any good at desktop support.

Think outside the box

There is no perfect software or hardware. There will always be room for improvement. All software and hardware will have some glitches. Your desktop support technician will be able to advise on what needs improvement. They are the first person involved in the troubleshooting process as well as maintenance and know the ins and outs of your hardware and software. Your desktop technician possessing this trait will be invaluable for your business.

Find someone who will expertly search for ways to avoid problems before they occur, someone who won’t just sit and wait for things to fail. This also means ironically that, due to maintenance often being performed remotely, the less you see of your IT services personnel, the better he or she is.


Communication and available training for end users is a must and should be provided by your IT support technician. Having access to this service can help alleviate problems caused by human error.

Look for someone who will make your network more manageable and less daunting for those using it. They should be able to help your less tech-savvy employees learn about changes that occur over time and address issues in a language that makes sense to users on all levels. Your staff may not learn a lot from being bamboozled by all sorts of IT jargon.

No matter how knowledgeable and experienced your IT support person is, they will at some stage come across a problem that they are unable to resolve on the spot. It is vital that they communicate this to the right person in your office and inform them of the proceedings from there, possibly offering a temporary workaround and an estimate of how long it will take to resolve the issue.

Reliable Desktop Support

You should always be able to count on excellent support. Find someone who is committed to the success of your company. You will know when someone isn’t in it for the long-haul.

Your technician should maintain the same level of enthusiasm and dedication at all times. Having a passion for great IT and the people using it is essential.

Here at Advanced Technology, we offer excellent desktop support services. Our team is highly qualified, knowledgeable and has decades of experience. We provide quality, reliable and individual support to the Coffs Coast and surrounding areas.

Get in touch and see what we can do for your business.

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