Data Backup Solution

Protect Your Business with an Efficient Data Backup Solution

The function of a data backup solution is to create a secondary copy of all files and data so they can be restored accurately and promptly if required. Hence, backup is the means in which to protect your data in a way that can be easily accessible when a disaster strikes.

The threat to crucial files and data is more prevalent today than in the past. Businesses now face attacks from Malware, hardware crashes, viruses and hackers, as well as natural disasters such as power outages, lightning, fire and flood. Without a competent data backup solution there is a very real threat to business operations if a disaster occurs.

Research shows that 40% of small businesses that experience data loss fail to recover and are unable to continue to operate. Despite this, many still don’t have a competent data backup solution in place. The good news is that because data backup has become so imperative there are now more efficient options available and the cost has reduced considerably.

With the help of a data backup solutions expert a system can be tailored to suit your specific business needs. An expert can ensure proper implementation and regular testing to ensure that operations run smoothly in the face of a disaster.

Types of Data Backup

On-site data backup incorporates any backup that is held on the premises of the business, while all other backups are referred to as off-site. An experienced data backup solutions expert can integrate a plan into your business structure using a combination of the below data backup methods.

Local Data Backup

This type of backup up is done on-site and is typically connected directly to a pc, for example USB stick, disc or blu ray. This offers a basic level of protection and is useful in the case of a hard drive crash, Malware attacks, viruses, hackers and network problems. With an up-to-date on-site copy, you can easily restore your files and continue to operate with little down time.

Local data backup typically relies on manual backups and restoration which takes time away from the running of operations. Infrastructure and hardware can be more expensive than other options and is fruitless in the case of natural threats such as fire and flood. Having another hard copy stored off-site provides additional security in those cases.

The best use of local backup is in combination with other backup solutions.

Cloud Data Backup

The cloud is a better data backup solution in many ways. The cloud is hosted on the internet and provides virtual data centres to store and manage your critical data. This alone alleviates any threats to your data from a disaster on the premises.

Once set up, backups can be performed regularly and automatically providing up-to-date, complete protection. It is cost effective as there is no hardware or IT infrastructure, and you can choose a service that incorporates enough space to store all your data in its entirety.

For comprehensive security it can be beneficial to back up to several cloud based data centres to safeguard against a disaster occurring at the data centre’s location.

An IT expert can tailor a cost-effective online data backup solution, implement and manage so you can concentrate on the daily operations of your business.

Best Practice Data Backup Solution

The 3-2-1 strategy is recommended for all-inclusive security and incorporates on-site and off-site copies. The basic rule of this strategy is that your data is stored in 3 different locations on 3 different types of media. This way a copy of your data will always be available no matter what kind of disaster strikes your business.

An IT data backup solutions expert can help you navigate the many options available and formulate a cost-effective data backup solution specific to your business needs. Regular testing and maintenance is required to ensure that your data recovery goes smoothly in the case of a disaster.

Outsource your data backup for total confidence in your data’s protection. Advanced Technology have a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with all business models for all IT solutions, including data backup solutions. We can provide expert advice and work with you to implement and maintain the best backup strategy so your business can continue to operate if a disaster strikes.

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