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So, you might already be aware that the retirement of copper-based telecommunication services in parts of the Coffs Harbour area has already begun and is well underway.

The copper network will gradually be turned off in parts of the city as the NBN fibre optics service is rolled out and makes itself available to householders and businesses alike.

The fibre network is a fully digital service and accommodates both Broadband and Voice, so although your site may only have a telephone land line and no ADSL broadband, it will need to be upgraded to NBN for that service to continue.

NBN Co has urged home and business owners to contact their Telecommunications Service Providers so that orders can be raised to switch the services as this switch will not take place automatically.

As of last year, Advanced Technology pride themselves in being a Telecommunications Service Provider delivering NBN connections and plans, suitable for all your business needs.

Combined with our IT services, specialized telephone systems technicians, in-house security and fire alarm experts, and Point-of-Sale professionals, we are well placed to raise that all-important order for your new NBN service.

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