3 Reasons Why It’s A Good Idea To Upgrade To A New Computer

It’s old news that aged computers don’t run fast and create higher cost for your business because of repairs and the resulting downtime. Additionally, there’s a high chance that your data is at risk which results in a direct risk to your business operations.

So, what does new, better hardware mean for your business?

1) Increased Productivity

It’s a simple equation: Productivity comes from having less input than output. In terms of business this can equate to something like this: You or your employee could save for example two hours every week by using a PC that was faster or more mobile than your present set-up, could perhaps handle an additional external monitor. How much would you save if you multiplied those two hours by 52 weeks in the year?

Devices that are powered by 6th generation Intel Core processors deliver up to 2.5x faster performance compared to systems that are five years or older. Their battery life tends to last a good 3x longer, too. New devices take much less time to start-up, waking in an instant, and are up-to-date so that users are never left waiting. They enhance the usability of tools such as Office 365. New generation processors also allow for quick multi-tasking enabling you to move effortlessly between applications from email to web browser, video, accounting software, or spreadsheet.


2) Hardware-Enhanced Security

In the days where everything is connected to the worldwide web, it isn’t really news that a data breach caused by one of your servers or computers could be detrimental to your business. A prime example of such a catastrophic leak is the Ashley Madison data breach. I am not passing judgment on the nature of the site but it serves as a perfect example of a breach that ended up blowing out of control.

Hardware-enhanced security supports you in safeguarding your sensitive business data devices and user identities. For example, a Windows 10 PC with Intel RealSense and Windows Hello enabled, recognises you and lets you log in with a glance.


3) Choices

The options in the formats and ways we use computers today are almost endless. They range from the simple traditional desktop to space saving portable computers which no longer force you to sacrifice capability and capacity for convenience. You can do so much more today than you traditionally would have been able to. A good laptop will allow you to use external screens, sport a long battery life, and generally be able to do all the work you would normally do on your desktop. And all of that comfortably while on the go.

Thanks to new innovations, you can now choose from a wide range of designs. They range from traditional desktop tower PCs to space-saving All-in-Ones and mini PCs. There are mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and 2 in 1s. All of them now have the built-in security you need. As many of these options are fully configurable, you no longer have to sacrifice flexibility for memory, storage drives, wireless cards or number of ports.


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