2014 was the year of the hack …

Which of these high profile hacks did you hear about?

  1. The Sony hack – in November last year Sony Pictures experienced one of the largest malware hacks of our time. Hackers claimed to have stolen more than 100 terabytes of data. Much of this data was later leaked online and included sensitive emails, unreleased films and information relating to movie stars’ payments and remuneration.
  2. The iCloud/Apple hack – from August to October last year, hundreds of personal photos were leaked from iCloud accounts that had been compromised. Most of the people targeted by this hack were celebrities and the general consensus is that their passwords and/or security questions were too easy to guess as opposed to the system itself being hacked.
  3. The Sony PSN and Microsoft Xbox Live hack – on Christmas Day 2014 PlayStation and Xbox users were unable to access online services due to a huge Denial of Service (DoS) attack that was carried out on Microsoft and Sony simultaneously. This led to many users not being able to play games or use consoles that they had received for Christmas.


So you’ve heard of those ones, but how about these?

  1. Revolution slider malware hack – 500,000+ websites compromised
  2. Soak Soak malware campaign – 100,000+ websites compromised
  3. Joomla Virtue Mart vulnerability – 3.5 million websites vulnerable
  4. WordPress and Drupal DoS vulnerability – over 10 million websites vulnerable

And it’s often things like the last four that business owners who have websites should be more worried about than any of the bigger ones that make the news.

These attacks are not always obvious and often only discovered when the damage has been done, which highlights the need for businesses to keep their data safe and have a management plan that covers data recovery in case of an emergency.

At Advanced Technology we are committed to providing you with the best possible solution for you business to ensure your data and systems are kept safe and operational with the least impact on your day to day operations.


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