How Managed IT Services Can Save Your Business

How Managed IT Services Can Save Your Business

You’re probably not an IT expert. Who is? And what are they talking about anyway? Whaddaya mean a string of one and zeros pumped down a phone line can recreate into a video of a cat riding a robovac? It’s all very mysterious for a lot of us. But wait, don’t panic!

The good news is there are trusted experts out there that not only understand IT, they can keep your system running too.

Managed Business IT Services to the Rescue

Depending on the service agreement you sign up for, commissioning managed business IT services means you have experts on-tap to fix any issues that may arise with your IT system. It’s a smart move and means you’re left to concentrate on your business. Furthermore, with IT professionals looking after your system, they’ll be able to advise on constant improvements. As a result, productivity and user satisfaction should increase. No one wants staff complaining the ‘system is so slow today it’s like wading through treacle’.

A Full-Service Contract means your outcomes become Aligned

The beauty of an ‘all you can eat’ type contract is it incentivises the IT company to minimise your system issues. After all, it’s in their interests not to be called out every five minutes. And so, a wonderful symbiosis develops. You get a reliable secure network with minimal downtime and the managed IT services company meet their KPI’s.

Four Key points for choosing a Managed Business IT Services Provider

Firstly, decide what level of management do you need? Some providers even offer one-off call out fees instead of a contract. Next, calculate a realistic total cost of IT for your company. The real figure may surprise you. Then, shortlist providers and ask for a system audit, ask about fees and exclusions, get to know them a little. Make sure they can convey recommendations and ideas in a language you can understand. Finally, make your choice and begin an on-boarding process.

Explore Managed Business IT Services without the jargon with Advanced Technology

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