Frequent Laptop Repair Issues (And How to Fix Them)

Frequent Laptop Repair Issues

Laptop repair is the kind of essential service that we all hope we won’t actually need. That’s because by the time most people need laptop repair something seemingly terminal has happened to it. There you are happily typing away or surfing the net one minute, and the next, boom! It dies a sudden death. Panic stricken; you feel as if your lifeline has been severed. You’re drifting helplessly away from the mother-ship. In addition, memories of well-intentioned warnings crowd in on you. ‘Don’t forget to back-up every night’ and ‘Setup auto-backup to the Cloud, it’s easy’ repeat the ethereal voices as the wagging fingers and patronising faces swirl around you like a scene from the Simpsons.

Resist the urge to see how well your laptop can act as a Frisbee

And here’s the rub. It always seems to happen just when you need it the most. You have a crushing work deadline or the local cheese club are relying on you for the newsletter that was due yesterday. But don’t panic! Resist the overwhelming urge to see how well your laptop can act as a Frisbee. Yes, skilled help in the form of laptop repair is available and largely successful.

5 Common Reasons for Laptop Repair

The top five, and most serious, issues are; hard drive failure (gulp), motherboard failure (ouch) software corruption (nasty), dropped laptop (doh) and virus infection (cruel). The most common failure (that could help any of these scenarios seem less brutal) is the lack of data backup. Believe me, when your laptop dies and you imagine the worst, such as complete data loss, it hits you hard. On the other hand, if you’ve backed up regularly you have every right to be a little smug. These are mere hardware issues now and not life-threatening after all.

‘Have you Turned it Off and On Again?’

For most of us, this is our only recourse. And it does work, sometimes. If not, unless you’re prepared to face the agony of a manufacturers dreaded help-line, it’s now time to call the experts. Laptop repair technicians don’t usually look like angels but when you get your laptop back, and it’s all good again, you’ll defiantly feel a slight sense of worship and feel like praising them.

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