How To Relocate Your IT Setup

How To Relocate Your IT Setup

Relocating a business is a complex process. One of the biggest challenges is moving your IT setup. But first, let’s celebrate if you’re moving to a bigger place due to business growth! With this in mind, you might wonder: Is my current system capable of supporting a larger space and team? Most likely, the answer is no. Therefore, to avoid moving unnecessary equipment and to minimise downtime, let’s discuss how to move your IT setup efficiently and effectively.

Time to Re-evaluate Your IT Setup

An impending relocation offers the perfect opportunity to re-assess your IT infrastructure. Therefore, consider whether your current setup can support the future growth of your business. Moreover, do you really want to drag those old servers with you, or is it time to move to the Cloud? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Could a new IT setup be more efficient for my business?
  • Would it be worthwhile upgrading the phone systems?
  • Should we upgrade hardware and equipment?

Answering these questions can help you create an improved and more suitable IT system in your new location.

Inventory Time: What Are You Moving?

Start by creating an inventory of your IT assets. Doing this lets you identify what to keep, upgrade, or discard.

Anticipate IT Setup Complications

Next, consider possible issues that could occur during the move. For instance, IT disruptions will result in some downtime, impacting your clients. So, be sure to communicate any interruptions to your service with external stakeholders in advance.

Seek Specialist Help

Enlisting the support of an IT consultant can simplify the relocation process. They can manage logistical complications, saving you time, risk, and money.

Let IT Professionals Help with Your Relocation

Relocating your IT setup requires careful planning and consideration. By re-evaluating your IT infrastructure, anticipating complications, seeking expert help, and making critical decisions about server and hosting solutions, you’ll be well on your way to a seamless move.

If you’re an SMB in NSW and need assistance with your IT relocation, contact our team of professionals at Advanced Technology for guidance, support and technical expertise.


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