IT Consulting Trends – Just what do they do?

IT Consulting Trends – Just what do they do

Over the last decade or so there’s been a shift in the role of the IT Consultant. This change has been driven by the move to cloud-based IT systems. As a result, IT consulting trends are less about ownership and more about being a custodian.
IT consulting is a broad term to describe a wide range of functions and responsibilities. These include:

  • Providing expertise and advise on the use of computer systems and networks
  • Working on behalf of organisations to implement and maintain IT systems
  • Partnering with companies to customise software and systems to meet their needs
  • Researching and purchasing IT hardware on behalf of businesses
  • Recommending and implementing system upgrades, repairs and maintenance
  • Providing support and ongoing training for existing and new staff members
  • Ensuring network security

IT consultancy can be provided in a number of ways. For example, these may be from an individual, a small specialist firm or a multi-national organisation. Also, small to medium IT consultancy firms tend to offer more focused services on a contract basis to SMB’s.

Current IT consulting trends

Cloud computing is the new normal. Simply put, a cloud-based system means both data and programs are accessed via the internet from another location. In short, the big bonus is that this setup is usually cheaper and less hassle for a busy firm looking for efficiencies and the means to easily expand in the future.

Big Data. As IT systems become increasingly sophisticated, big data can become an issue. In other words, it’s pointless saving masses of potentially useful data if it’s not organised properly. As such, good IT consultants can help parse this data to create useful reports.

Outsourcing IT services and consulting. Outsourcing can create cost-savings and increased efficiencies. Additionally, IT is a dynamic state and can be difficult to keep up with. Therefore, outsourced IT consulting means gaining up-to-date insights and processes.

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