Operate a Slick Data Backup and be a Systems Superhero!

Operate a Slick Data Backup and be a Systems Superhero

The importance of maintaining a backup of your information has never been more imperative. After all, a few years ago, hard drive capacities were small. Therefore, if the worst happened and the data was lost, at least it wasn’t gigabytes worth. Furthermore, back in the day, we weren’t under constant attack by shady cyber-criminals and hackers.
These days, almost our entire business world is digital. As such, every document, picture, (swearing parrot video), and database, is housed somewhere as a delicate sequence of ones and zeros. In short, vulnerabilities exist everywhere. And yet, even knowing this, many Australian companies are still operating woefully inadequate backup procedures.

Don’t put all your Megs in one Basket

There’s a kind of willful complacency when it comes to computer backup. Business owners either aren’t aware of the multitude of threats to their data, or they believe these things won’t affect them. This is why, for instance, ransomware is claiming evermore victims in Australia. The body count is rising and yet it’s largely preventable. For instance, running a server without backup and robust security can easily be fixed. Primarily, as a minimum, the server should be regularly cloned to another server. This can be on-site or cloud-based but preferably both.

Get your Head out of the Sand and into the Cloud

A cloud-based backup is the best solution for data backup for both large and SMB’s. Using the Cloud means you won’t have to worry about cyber-attacks, hardware failure or even physical damage from fire etc. Of course, there are still some risks but at least they’ll be minimised. Furthermore, the backup will be automated to happen seamlessly. It also means your employees can access the files from any location. In addition, implementing a cloud backup means it won’t create additional work for your internal IT team. They’ll be free to get on with helping your business perform smoothly.

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