How Coffs Harbour Businesses Over-Spend on Computer Repairs

How Coffs Harbour Businesses Over-Spend on Computer Repairs

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is a mantra some businesses are happy with. So what if half my laptops are still on Windows 7 and they’re running so slow it’s like wading through treacle?
Computer repairs needn’t be a big problem but what we’re looking at here is a recipe for an unbudgeted cost blowout. This is the mindset that can be vulnerable to unplanned downtime, loss of productivity and ultimately, huge headaches.
Here are a few tips to help prevent over-spending on computer repairs.

Stop ad hoc buying of laptops just because they’re on sale

Rushing out to Harvey Norman and buying a laptop that’s on sale every time you get a new employee isn’t a great IT strategy. Essentially, every company needs different hardware and it needs to be compatible. In other words, thoughtless spending now can result in costly issues further down the track. You need to plan for a cohesive system that will pay dividends in productivity and reliability going forward.

Invest in backup technology and protect your data

Most people have suffered the horror of complete hard drive failure. It’s not pleasant. You stare wide-eyed at the blank screen, unable to move as your blood turns to ice. You appeal to deities, any deity, still nothing. It’s gone, kaput, it’s become a useless collection of cold circuits and plastic. As John Cleese might say, “this is an ex-pc!’’. The second wave of cold, hard reality hits you now. There isn’t a backup. So, this is where the cost of computer repairs start to escalate because data recovery is one of the most expensive IT services available. And it doesn’t always work.
How do you avoid the need for expensive data recovery services? Firstly, protect against power surges. Secondly, always backup off-site to a business grade cloud service and finally, invest regularly in better computers.

Prevent Infection by malware to avoid expensive computer repairs

Infection by malware, particularly ransomware, is on the rise in Australia. It’s a big issue that a lot of small to medium business aren’t taking seriously enough. The cyber criminals know this so they target small business systems. You must reduce your vulnerability with robust firewalls and comprehensive anti-virus strategies.

Don’t pay too much for computer repairs in Coffs Harbour, talk to Advanced Technology today and secure your data

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