Can Technology Help Solve the Big 3 Business Challenges?

Can Technology Help Solve the Big 3 Business Challenges

Remember when Deep Thought took millennia to arrive at the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything? “42’’ he boomed to the bemused philosophers. As infuriating and useless the answer was, what Deep Thought had realised was that, in fact, it was the question that needed to be examined. In essence, many businesses today face a similar challenge when deciding on the most beneficial information technology for their business. They simply don’t know the right questions to ask. That’s where companies like Advanced Technology have found success. They know exactly what questions to ask and what managed technology services are available to meet their client’s needs. So, what are the 3 big business challenges?

Technology to fight Cyber Attacks

Effective cyber security is of paramount importance. With Ransomware attacks becoming more common, and more sophisticated, phishing emails must be blocked from invading your corporate email. Even top executives aren’t immune from professional looking fake emails. And before you know it, the malicious program has been downloaded and everyone’s locked out of the network. In fact, according to cyber security experts Sophos, nearly half of all businesses in Australia where targeted with ransomware during 2017.
Malware protection is a cost-effective solution, discuss a strategy today before you become a victim.

Tech to smooth your Cash-Flow

Deploying cloud-based accounting software is an easy win. With full integration across platforms and processes, modern accounting programs make generating invoices, reminders and reports a cinch. Moreover, this kind of technology will enhance your cash-flow and provide up-to-date financial reports at the press of a button. Remember, with good information comes good planning.

Technology for Business Growth

Australia is a nation of small businesses and ‘eager to have a go’ entrepreneurs. These businesses are the backbone of Aussie employment and their communities. With the right Information Tech in place early on, appropriate technology can ease growing businesses on to the next stage. Many companies are opting for cloud-based systems rather than committing large amounts of capital, and space, for office-based hardware. A single monthly payment can cover cloud-based software, security, backup and provide full scalability.

Talk to Advanced Technology today to explore your Technology options with the experts.

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