Why You Should Choose A Cloud Backup Solution

Why You Should Choose A Cloud Backup Solution

It’s time to put your head in the Cloud! A cloud backup solution is a money-saver and a safer option for your data. So, let’s learn about the benefits.

What’s a Cloud Backup Solution?

Cloud backup means saving your business data elsewhere, not at your office. It works independently, sending your data over a safe channel to a secure server off-site.

Traditional Storage

Many NSW businesses use old-fashioned ‘direct data systems’. These involve costly servers and software located in your workspace. The problem is they’re expensive, a hassle, and risky. Your vital data could be lost.

Why Choose the Cloud?

Let’s look at the perks of picking cloud backup.

1) You Spend Less

Cloud backup costs less. You decide how much backup space you can afford and need for your business. Unlike buying and maintaining expensive old-fashioned data machines, your existing IT equipment uses the cloud. This means extra cash to buy the IT software you need for your business.

2) Your Data’s Safe

With cloud backup, your files get a secret code. Only you have the key. So, data safety is miles better than with old-fashioned systems.

3) Not on-site and Yet at Hand

Your files don’t stay in your office. So, they’re safe from real threats like fire, water, and theft. However, you can connect to your files safely over the internet with any device. Anywhere. Anytime.

4) Works on Its Own

Say goodbye to boring manual saving and filing. The system does all the data saving for you. Pretty much error-free.

Picking the Right Cloud Backup Solution

Think about what’s essential for you. Such as working independently, the need for personnel, how to obtain data, and data privacy and security rules.

Contact us at Advanced Technology today. We offer great-value IT service packs and will set up the best cloud backup solution for your business.

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